Aid is Causing Paradoxical Impact on Sustainable Development

By Hadia Rashid
Since the year 1990, the absolute number of people living in poverty has been declining and democracy has been spreading. But these global trends have not been adequate for lessening the fragility. In all the fragile states, extremism, conflict, forced displacement, the rise of pandemics, corruption, the ability to respond effectively to climate change,.... Read More

The Utility of UN in Contemporary Global Politics

By Taimiya Khalid
The existence of international organizations has molded the nature of global political landscape among its actors; involving state and non-state actors and their existence is “vital as they are often the vessel through which states interact and exert their interest with the international system”.... Read More

Is it Justified to See Population as the Major Obstacle to Sustainable Development?

By Diana Maria Crivtonencu
According to Malthus (1798), “the power of population is so superior to the power of the Earth to produce subsistence for man, that premature death must in some shape or other visit the human race”. The Malthusian question has been used recently to stimulate arguments about the Earth’s carrying capacity. Malthusianism raises an issue of global importance... Read More

Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Development

By Falak Naeem
In the world of today, where innovations and development have become a common gesture, on the other hand it has also induced many social, environmental and subsistence challenges to the living communities. Prehistorically, when human habitation was limited and confined, the different elements designated in maintaining the livability of this planet were functioning in their optimum status... Read More

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