Research Fellows' Community

Seemal Nadeem
Interested in:
1) Gender and Society,
2) Politics and Development  ,
3) Sustainable Development, Public Policy, International Relations

Fan Xiukai
Interested in:
1) FinTech (Financial Technology)
2) Economics & Finance
3) Politics & Development

Salman Tariq

Interested in:
1. Behavioral Public Policy,
2. Gender & Society and
3. Climate Change.

Basil Siddique

Interested in:
1. Politics & Development;
2. Governance and Accountability;
3. Social Movement Theory and others

Jawad Amin

Interested in:
1. Climate Change
2. Sustainable Development
3. CSR Development

Zille Huma
Interested in:
1. Politics,
2. National Security,
3. Government and Public Policy.

Mujahid Abdullah
Interested in:
1. Governance and Public Policy
2. Development Economics
3. Gender and Society

Hanif Said
Interested in:
1. South Asian politics.      
2. Politics of Development.
3. Gender Issues.

Saneela Aslam
Interested in:
1. Gender equality and
2. National politics,
3. international politics.

Rohma Shakeel
Interested in:
1. Data-Driven Policy Making
2. Poverty Alleviation
3. Technology & Policy

Thi Ngoc Nguyen
Interested in:
1. Machine learning and big data in energy
2. Economics, economic policy,
3. Development issues

Muhammad Ghazi Abid
Interested in:
1. Economics,
2. Development,
3. Inequality.

Aimen Imran
Interested in:
1. Sustainable Development
.2. Gender and society.
3. Politics and Development, Economy.

Muzammil Saeed
Interested in:
1. Agricultural Extension and rural development
2. Modern Weeds management
3. Poverty Alleviation

Avinash Advani
Interested in:
1. Women Empowerment
2. Politics and Sustainable Development
3. Education Management.

Kashaf Fatima
Interested in:
1. Dynamics of contemporary politics,
2. Sustainable Development,
3. Impact of political economy on world politics.

Fatima Khan
Interested in:
1. Political Economy of Development
2. Urban Risk Management
3. Microfinance

Anand Kumar
Interested in:
1. Energy and Power Sector
2. Startup Ecosystem in Pakistan
3. Religious Tourism

Farrukh Mumtaz
Interested in:
1. Parliamentary Business
2. Democratic Governance
3. Economic Development

Fatimah Satti
Interested in:
1. Social media and politics
2. Domestic Violence
3. Urban poverty and resulting health issues

Saira Malik
Interested in:
1. Allocation of wealth
2. Contemporary educational institutions

Waqas Asmat
Interested in:
1. Current affairs
2. International Development
3. Mass Communication – International Media and Third world.

Fawad Akbar Khan
Interested in:
1. Climate
2. Change Health
3. Sustainable Development

Fatimah Faisal  
Interested in:
1. Poverty and Inequality
2. Citizenship and civic Education
3. Gender and Development

Taimiya Khalid  
Interested in:
1. Foreign policy
2. Public policy
3. International development

Zakir Ahmad Zakirin 
Interested in:
1. Risk assessment of natural disastrous,
2. Climate Change,
3. Mitigation of Climate Change.

Aijaz Ali Khuwaja  
Interested in:
1 Community Participation & Sustainable Development,
2 Accountability through Participation,
3 Social Audit.

Ayesha Burney
Interested in:
1. Local Power,  
2. Gender and politics,
3. Education.

Mariam Mubashir Ali
Interested in:
1 Sustainable Development
2 Gender and Society
3 Economy

Muhammad Husnain Ali
Interested in:
1. Good Governance
2. Inclusive Growth
3. Sustainable Development.

Tayyaba Arif
Interested in:
1. Epigentics and Health,
2. Food and Agricultural,
3. Nanotechnology.

Fayyaz Ahmed Fayyaz
Interested in:
1. Sustainable Cities,
2.  Sustainable Development,
3. Climate Change and DRR.

Ali Ahmad
Interested in:
1. Poverty
2. Income Inequality
3. Human Development

Laraib Qureshi
Interested in:
1. Women Empowerment,
2. Sustainable Development,
3. Anthropology of Development.

Rabia Rafaqat
Interested in:
1. Controlling Plastic pollution,
2. Stainable development in Pakistan,
3. Climate crisis in Pakistan.

Talha Anwar
Interested in:
1. Sustainable Development,
2. Sustainable Solid Waste Management,
3. Climate Change.

Zahra Mughis
Interested in:
1. Development dynamics & policy
2.Behavioural Economics
3. Education

Sajeela Zainab
Interested in:
1. Computing and communication networks,
2. Digital literacy in education,
3. Women and sustainable development.

Manzoor Ahmed Alizai
Interested in:
1. Low Carbon Development,
2. Climate Change,
3. Sustainable Development.

Falak Naeem
Interested in:
1. Environment
2. Sustainable Development

Kinza Younas
Interested in:
1. Wealth management,
2. Gender and society,

Amna Naeem
Interested in: 1.Spatial temporal techniques, Bayesian modelling technique, Bio statistics,
2. Hydrology and environmental statistics and Probability,
3. Artificial Intelligence

Bushra Batool
Interested in:
1. Religion,
2.Popular culture, & language,
3. Gender and sexuality.

Mehreen Saqib
Interested in:
1.Climate changes and the Environment,
2. Green Energy,
3. Water conservation

Taqdees Arif
Interested in:
1. Epigenetics and Genetics of human diseases,
2. Infectious Disorders,
3. Immunology.

Rohina Tabassam
Interested in:
1. Climate Change & Sustainable Cities (Green)
2. Air Pollution
3. Energy and Environment

Rooha Javed
Interested in:
1. Climate Change and States’ Security threats
2. Nuclear and arms race among states
3. Humanitarian crisis

Faria Ahmed
Interested in:
1. Gendered Economy-
2. Political Economy of Emerging Markets and 3. Displacement and Development in the Contemporary Era

Irza mahmood
Interested in:
1. Clinical Genetics and genetic counselling
2. Forensic Sciences
3. Climate change and sustainable development

Hadia Rashid
Interested in:
1) Human Rights and Gender Equality
2) Sustainable Development
3) Environmental Governance

Ihsan Ullah
Interested in:
1) Real Estate Economics
2) Transport Economics
3) Political Economy

Zainish Abbas
Interested in:
1. Artificial Intelligence
2. Data Ethics
3. Women Empowerment

Zarnab Shaheen
Interested in:
1) International Relations,
2) Development Policy,
3) International Political Economy

Umar Zahid
Interested in:
1. Tackling Disruptive Innovation
2. Perceived Organizational Support on Employee Satisfaction
3. Nationalism and its revival around the globe

Maryam Farooq
Interested in:
1. Pakistan’s domestic issues,
2. Pak-China relations and
3. UN peace processes around the world.

Sami Ahmed
Interested in:
1. Climate Change and Sustainable Development,
2. US Foreign Policy, Economy,
3. National Security.

Ali Jafri

Interested in: Epigenetic inheritance and regulation of gene

Lala Rukh

Interested in:
1. Energy,
2. Environment
3. Climate Change

Kashaf Imran

Interested in:
1. Politics,
2. Foreign and Current Affairs,
3. Mental Health issues

Muniza Sangal

Interested in:
1. Gender and Society,
2. Sustainable development,
3. Health