Research Fellows' Community

Welcome to the Research Fellows' Community at Torque Communities, where passionate individuals converge to drive impactful research and shape the trajectory of policy and society. At the heart of our community lies a steadfast commitment to action-oriented constructive critique and innovative thinking, fueled by the belief that these principles are instrumental in forging a sustainable future. Our vision is not merely to conduct research, but to catalyze positive change through rigorous inquiry and forward-thinking solutions. Together, we strive to push the boundaries of knowledge and drive meaningful impact in pursuit of a better world. Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery, innovation, and transformation, united by our shared vision for a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Seemal Nadeem
Interested in:
1) Gender and Society,
2) Politics and Development  ,
3) Sustainable Development, Public Policy, International Relations

Fan Xiukai
Interested in:
1) FinTech (Financial Technology)
2) Economics & Finance
3) Politics & Development

Salman Tariq

Interested in:
1. Behavioral Public Policy,
2. Gender & Society and
3. Climate Change.

Basil Siddique

Interested in:
1. Politics & Development;
2. Governance and Accountability;
3. Social Movement Theory and others

Jawad Amin

Interested in:
1. Climate Change
2. Sustainable Development
3. CSR Development

Zille Huma
Interested in:
1. Politics,
2. National Security,
3. Government and Public Policy.

Mujahid Abdullah
Interested in:
1. Governance and Public Policy
2. Development Economics
3. Gender and Society

Hanif Said
Interested in:
1. South Asian politics.      
2. Politics of Development.
3. Gender Issues.

Saneela Aslam
Interested in:
1. Gender equality and
2. National politics,
3. international politics.

Rohma Shakeel
Interested in:
1. Data-Driven Policy Making
2. Poverty Alleviation
3. Technology & Policy

Thi Ngoc Nguyen
Interested in:
1. Machine learning and big data in energy
2. Economics, economic policy,
3. Development issues

Muhammad Ghazi Abid
Interested in:
1. Economics,
2. Development,
3. Inequality.

Aimen Imran
Interested in:
1. Sustainable Development
.2. Gender and society.
3. Politics and Development, Economy.

Muzammil Saeed
Interested in:
1. Agricultural Extension and rural development
2. Modern Weeds management
3. Poverty Alleviation

Avinash Advani
Interested in:
1. Women Empowerment
2. Politics and Sustainable Development
3. Education Management.

Kashaf Fatima
Interested in:
1. Dynamics of contemporary politics,
2. Sustainable Development,
3. Impact of political economy on world politics.

Fatima Khan
Interested in:
1. Political Economy of Development
2. Urban Risk Management
3. Microfinance

Anand Kumar
Interested in:
1. Energy and Power Sector
2. Startup Ecosystem in Pakistan
3. Religious Tourism

Farrukh Mumtaz
Interested in:
1. Parliamentary Business
2. Democratic Governance
3. Economic Development

Fatimah Satti
Interested in:
1. Social media and politics
2. Domestic Violence
3. Urban poverty and resulting health issues

Saira Malik
Interested in:
1. Allocation of wealth
2. Contemporary educational institutions

Waqas Asmat
Interested in:
1. Current affairs
2. International Development
3. Mass Communication – International Media and Third world.

Fawad Akbar Khan
Interested in:
1. Climate
2. Change Health
3. Sustainable Development

Fatimah Faisal  
Interested in:
1. Poverty and Inequality
2. Citizenship and civic Education
3. Gender and Development

Taimiya Khalid  
Interested in:
1. Foreign policy
2. Public policy
3. International development

Zakir Ahmad Zakirin 
Interested in:
1. Risk assessment of natural disastrous,
2. Climate Change,
3. Mitigation of Climate Change.

Aijaz Ali Khuwaja  
Interested in:
1 Community Participation & Sustainable Development,
2 Accountability through Participation,
3 Social Audit.

Ayesha Burney
Interested in:
1. Local Power,  
2. Gender and politics,
3. Education.

Mariam Mubashir Ali
Interested in:
1 Sustainable Development
2 Gender and Society
3 Economy

Muhammad Husnain Ali
Interested in:
1. Good Governance
2. Inclusive Growth
3. Sustainable Development.

Tayyaba Arif
Interested in:
1. Epigentics and Health,
2. Food and Agricultural,
3. Nanotechnology.

Fayyaz Ahmed Fayyaz
Interested in:
1. Sustainable Cities,
2.  Sustainable Development,
3. Climate Change and DRR.

Ali Ahmad
Interested in:
1. Poverty
2. Income Inequality
3. Human Development

Laraib Qureshi
Interested in:
1. Women Empowerment,
2. Sustainable Development,
3. Anthropology of Development.

Rabia Rafaqat
Interested in:
1. Controlling Plastic pollution,
2. Stainable development in Pakistan,
3. Climate crisis in Pakistan.

Talha Anwar
Interested in:
1. Sustainable Development,
2. Sustainable Solid Waste Management,
3. Climate Change.

Zahra Mughis
Interested in:
1. Development dynamics & policy
2.Behavioural Economics
3. Education

Sajeela Zainab
Interested in:
1. Computing and communication networks,
2. Digital literacy in education,
3. Women and sustainable development.

Manzoor Ahmed Alizai
Interested in:
1. Low Carbon Development,
2. Climate Change,
3. Sustainable Development.

Falak Naeem
Interested in:
1. Environment
2. Sustainable Development

Kinza Younas
Interested in:
1. Wealth management,
2. Gender and society,

Amna Naeem
Interested in: 1.Spatial temporal techniques, Bayesian modelling technique, Bio statistics,
2. Hydrology and environmental statistics and Probability,
3. Artificial Intelligence

Bushra Batool
Interested in:
1. Religion,
2.Popular culture, & language,
3. Gender and sexuality.

Mehreen Saqib
Interested in:
1.Climate changes and the Environment,
2. Green Energy,
3. Water conservation

Taqdees Arif
Interested in:
1. Epigenetics and Genetics of human diseases,
2. Infectious Disorders,
3. Immunology.

Rohina Tabassam
Interested in:
1. Climate Change & Sustainable Cities (Green)
2. Air Pollution
3. Energy and Environment

Rooha Javed
Interested in:
1. Climate Change and States’ Security threats
2. Nuclear and arms race among states
3. Humanitarian crisis

Faria Ahmed
Interested in:
1. Gendered Economy-
2. Political Economy of Emerging Markets and 3. Displacement and Development in the Contemporary Era

Irza mahmood
Interested in:
1. Clinical Genetics and genetic counselling
2. Forensic Sciences
3. Climate change and sustainable development

Hadia Rashid
Interested in:
1) Human Rights and Gender Equality
2) Sustainable Development
3) Environmental Governance

Ihsan Ullah
Interested in:
1) Real Estate Economics
2) Transport Economics
3) Political Economy

Zainish Abbas
Interested in:
1. Artificial Intelligence
2. Data Ethics
3. Women Empowerment

Zarnab Shaheen
Interested in:
1) International Relations,
2) Development Policy,
3) International Political Economy

Umar Zahid
Interested in:
1. Tackling Disruptive Innovation
2. Perceived Organizational Support on Employee Satisfaction
3. Nationalism and its revival around the globe

Maryam Farooq
Interested in:
1. Pakistan’s domestic issues,
2. Pak-China relations and
3. UN peace processes around the world.

Sami Ahmed
Interested in:
1. Climate Change and Sustainable Development,
2. US Foreign Policy, Economy,
3. National Security.

Ali Jafri

Interested in: Epigenetic inheritance and regulation of gene

Lala Rukh

Interested in:
1. Energy,
2. Environment
3. Climate Change

Kashaf Imran

Interested in:
1. Politics,
2. Foreign and Current Affairs,
3. Mental Health issues

Muniza Sangal

Interested in:
1. Gender and Society,
2. Sustainable development,
3. Health