Influence of Eurocentrism on Pakistan

By Mohammed Bin Usman Rafi
The dominance or prioritizing of European culture, history, and values often at the expense of other cultures and regions throughout the world is referred to as Eurocentrism. It's a worldview that regards Europe and its descendants as central, superior, or the benchmark for all other societies and cultures. Read More

The Question of Data in Policy Research

By Zahra Mughis
The terms “informed”, “data-driven”, or “evidence-based” are no longer buzzwords or technical jargon in the policy discourse or research in Pakistan. These are outcome-oriented policy practices, imperative for sustainable development, where data informs the focus and evaluates the impact of interventions.. Read More

Combating Transnational Counterterrorism - A Challenge for Global Governance

By Hurria Binte Abdullah
Transnational or global terrorism could be one of the best focus of global governance. It exhibits  globalization’s dark side; a transnationally dispersed challenge which can affect any country but can’t be resolved unilaterally. However, global governance in transnational counterterrorism is the most fragmented, sporadic, weak, and contradictory.... Read More

Reflection on SDG 5 and Gender Equality: A case of Pakistan

By Kashaf Imran
UN member states adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in2015. 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is the set of 17 goals that servea purpose of blueprint for peace and prosperity and are the urgent call foraction by all the countries, be it developing or under developing... Read More

Covid-19 and the Effect on Lower Income Groups

By Afsheen Talat
Poverty is usually defined as the deprivation of wellbeing, which results in an inability to meet the basic needs of the individual and family. The issue of poverty that is faced in most parts of the world has always been at the heart of discussions and discourse on development. Poverty has..... Read More

Is the behavior of its people during the pandemic a serious threat for Pakistan?

By Amna Naeem (Edited by Mehwish Aziz)
The pandemic caused by Covid-19 has led uncertainty for the whole world and has brought many countries to their knees; developed and underdeveloped alike. The sheer number of deaths, regardless of living in an era of medical and technological advancements has been a jolting reminder that we cannot compete with nature..... Read More

Achieving Gender Equality through the Economic Empowerment of Rural Women

By Mashal Riaz
Gender inequality is hailed as the core issue that leads to numerous other forms of discrimination in a society. While numerous countries have shown positive growth towards attaining gender equality in terms of legislation, social protection, equal pay and employment opportunities, health facilities etc., the developing countries present.... Read More

Economic lessons from Turkey and Malaysia for Pakistan and challenges of FATF and Corona Pandemic

By Waqas Asmat
Turkey and Malaysia have always been associated as cultural and economic influence on Pakistan. Now more than ever Turkey’s cultural impact on Pakistan is quite obvious in our media. Malaysia on the other hand became a model of economic growth in the 90s decade and still is considered a success for Pakistanis.... Read More

A Bird’s Eye view of Economic Growth and Unemployment in Pakistan

By Shumaila Mehmood
The Sustainable Development Goal 8 aims at achieving sustained economic growth and decent work for all. The objective is to lower unemployment rates and create job opportunity awareness. It also focuses to end modern slavery and human trafficking. Without decent work people will be exposed to be at risk over other SDG’s such as... Read More

Clean and Affordable Energy in Pakistan; Essential for a Sustainable Future

By Mashal Riaz
The climate and energy related goals are interlinked and require ambitious initiatives on national and regional level. The domestic and industrial energy needs of Pakistan as on a steady rise as the decades progress. In this situation, dependence on the conventional means of fossil fuels not only... Read More

Is it Justified to See Population as the Major Obstacle to Sustainable Development?

By Diana Maria Crivtonencu
According to Malthus (1798), “the power of population is so superior to the power of the Earth to produce subsistence for man, that premature death must in some shape or other visit the human race”. The Malthusian question has been used recently to stimulate arguments about the Earth’s carrying capacity. Malthusianism raises an issue of global importance... Read More

Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Development

By Falak Naeem
In the world of today, where innovations and development have become a common gesture, on the other hand it has also induced many social, environmental and subsistence challenges to the living communities. Prehistorically, when human habitation was limited and confined, the different elements designated in maintaining the livability of this planet were functioning in their optimum status... Read More

CoVID-19, Economics and Mental Health

By Fatima Hasnain
The world says CoVID-19 has impacted the global markets at an alarmingly high level. The stock markets have begun to witness another nadir since the Great Depression. The global economy amidst the novel Coronavirus have been compared with the economic breakdowns that the global markets have seen in the past [1]. However, an alarm even trebling than this is the decline in the mental health of people all... Read More

The Future and the UN

By Anand Kumar
These are highly perilous and uncertain times. The deadly pandemic wreaked unimaginable havoc in almost every country and entire world community reeled and is still reeling from the disastrous effects of COVID-19.
Overstretched public health systems, economies at halt and burgeoning unemployment; the grave consequences of the contagion have been felt almost everywhere and are yet to be felt,.. Read More

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